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An Interview with Edric Sizemore – Co-Creator of Instant Glam Dolls & Creativity Advocate

When co-creators of Instant Glam Dolls, Edric Sizemore and inventor, Vivian Miller met they knew almost instantly that they had a golden idea on their hands. Like many great inventors they were driven by a desire to fill a need in the market, while encouraging creativity amongst the youth. With this, they were able to create the most innovative toy for creative young people

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. Check out the official interview with Edric Sizemore below.

What inspired you to start Instant Glam?

Well Vivian Miller, who is the inventor of Instant Glam Dolls, said that she noticed her nieces and cousins were all becoming uninterested in their dolls once the doll’s hair becomes unsightly, matted up, unmanageable. She felt like she could do something different that would allow girls to remain interested in the doll by styling the hair and changing it out. She set out on that premise and came up with the hair fastening system that is incorporated in to the doll’s head. Vivian did a patent search and subsequently conferred with a patent attorney. They moved forward and attained a patent on it. So to answer your question, she saw that there was a need in the marketplace for a doll that allowed girls to come up with creative hair designs.

What feedback have you gotten from the product so far?

Oh the feedback has been amazing. When I met Vivian and she introduced this concept to me, I said, ”Ok this is nice and interesting but different.” As simple as it is, I just thought it was an interesting concept, until we did a focus group. I saw the way these girls reacted, and I’m a person who is honest with myself, I said “Wow this lady is on to something right here. It’s just a matter of cleaning the product up and taking it to another level to get it out there.” I was just amazed with the way the kids, and their parents reacted to this toy.

Why do you think it is important for children to play with toys like the Instant Glam Doll?

I think it’s important because it taps into their creativity, the creative imagination which we all have. In this day and age of technological devices, phones, x boxes and so forth, what we’ve discovered is that most of these games require a reactive interaction from the user. Whether it’s X-Box, Candy Crush or something, the user doesn’t utilize their creative imagination. So the market for toys that allow kids to use their creativity was being overlooked. We felt that it would be important for us to promote, how this toy taps into one’s creativity, because that was something that was not being fed before.

The Instant Glam Doll does not only encourage creativity, on the contrary as sales pick up Edric and Vivian are finding there are mental health benefits to the dolls as well!

The kids quickly get it, and then it becomes cathartic. It’s addicting! I’ve even heard older girls, as well as the younger girls say “wow this is very addicting”, to easily change the hair and create colorful styles. So again, it’s all about creativity. We felt people were not being fed toys or games that allowed them to express their creativity

This focus on creativity seems to be the guiding force not only behind Instant Glam Doll but E-Size innovations as well. And this makes all too much sense, as inventors themselves how could they not value creativity in children, the world’s youngest and most impressionable minds?

Why is encouraging creativity in children so important to you personally?

Why is it so important? It’s important because (pauses). The name of my company is E-Size innovations. I firmly believe and feel in my soul that innovation and creativity are the foundations from which all things come forth. Even if a product is already in the market, someone can alter it and twist it and improve it to make that product better. This is innovation. In order for things to grow there has to be some creative imagination applied to it. So I believe that creativity is important to the evolution of man and to the evolution of things. It keeps everything moving forward.

What makes Instant Glam Dolls different from other dolls on the market?

Instant Glam Dolls allow girls to use their imagination to express themselves creatively with hair. The hair on the doll’s head can be changed an endless number of times and change is very important. Change is what stops people from getting bored. With an Instant Glam Doll vs a regular doll, the girl with the regular doll has limitations with the hair and is more likely to get bored quickly. They’ll comb the hair and after a while you can’t do anything else with it. However, with Instant Glam Dolls you can change the length, the color, the texture over and over again. The sky’s the limit. It’s really as big as the user’s imagination. I think when you factor that component into something, you can’t get bored. So it’s always exciting for someone to play with an Instant Glam Dolls.