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IVYSEETV For Instant Glam Dolls

When it comes to pairing innovation, creativity and quality, Instant Glam Dolls is unmatched. We know our supporters love our brand because of this but it never hurts to have some extra, outside reassurance. That’s why we here at Instant Glam Dolls we love partnering with respected influencers and content creators to bring you thorough reviews of our merchandise.

The latest toy reviewer to try our product? None other than Ivy of IvySeeTv! Ivy has tried out dolls, board games, video games and so much more from all sorts of companies so she’s a reliable and trusted source of expertise when it comes to doll reviews. In other words, this girl knows what she’s talking about!

Ivy had so much fun trying out the interchangeable hair strips and creating new looks for her Instant Glam Birthday Doll on her Youtube Channel: IvySeeTV. Don’t just take out word for it, watch her video below and see what she has to say about her Instant Glam Styling Head Doll.

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Our returning customers know all about the Instant Glam Birthday Doll but for those of you who don’t:

The Instant Glam Birthday Doll is an innovative styling head doll for innovative kids! Allow your child to express their inner designer with the Instant Glam Birthday Doll. Let your son or daughter use their imagination to create amazing hair designs

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. They can change and style her hair with different colors and textures for a different look every time! It’s so easy for you to change all her hair or sections of her hair in seconds. You simply grab a section of interchangeable hair, lift it from the doll’s head to reveal the scalp, and replace it with a different hair strip by pressing the hair onto the doll’s scalp. Like all of our other Instant Glam Dolls, The Birthday Doll has a patented fastening head surface system that allows the hair to be attached or released from the doll’s head instantly AND she comes with a full head of interchangeable hair strips. Your child will never get bored with the Instant Glam Birthday Doll!