“I love this doll; I mean my girls love this doll! It’s unbelievable how easy it is to change the doll’s hair styles. I wish there was a styling head doll like this when I was growing up.” – Leslie B.


“My daughters love the Instant Glam Dolls. The hair strips are so easy. The girls just press them onto the doll’s head and let their imaginations go wild, making endless hair styles with colors and textures. These dolls are the best.” – Jasmine W.


“These dolls are so easy to use. My nieces use their imagination to create hair styles with different colors and textures. This had never been done before. Instant Glam Dolls are unlike anything I have seen. It’s amazing!” – Loretta B.


“Hands down, the Instant Glam Dolls are absolutely captivating for both young girls and for the young girl in every adult woman.” – Anita M.


“There has never been a doll like this that has easy interchangeable hair. My Granddaughter spends hours changing the doll’s hair style from straight to curly, from pink to purple. The combinations of hair styles, colors and textures are endless. She’s never bored!” – Annette L.


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Instant Glam Dolls is donating a percentage of its sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Lurie Children’s Hospital